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Latest activity

  • Bruizer
    Bruizer updated their status.
    hopefully see you all in the World soon
  • icebear_lovesyou
    icebear_lovesyou posted the thread intro in Introduce Yourself.
    hi my name in game is Ashley Watkins and nice to meet you.. hope we get to talk and play with each other soon.. </3
  • icebear_lovesyou
    icebear_lovesyou updated their status.
    the server was interesting so far, i will play some more later tho ;p k baii :):coffee: ;P
  • Hey how are you all? When i try play EGGRP cars and pedestrians dont show up only other players and their cars do. Any reason why? Thanks
  • ukiyoa
    ukiyoa replied to the thread egg server.
    Please try now @LegitRobbo We've resolved the issue
  • LegitRobbo
    LegitRobbo posted the thread egg server in General Chat.
    hey guys, anyone had an issue with the server not loading? mines done it for 2 days on and off. Itll go to the loading screen then time...
  • ukiyoa
    ukiyoa reacted to GH0ST's post in the thread FiveM crashed due to NVIDIA GPU drivers with Like Like.
    It seems to work okay now ive done a complete reinstall by wiping both my drives to. Atm it hasnt crashed so im hoping it stays that...