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hey uki

you did my appeal last night im sorry for braking the rules but i did not know that it was a part of that i am really sorry and did not mean to brake any rules iv been in the city for a week and loving every bit of it i am sorry for what i did i just didnt know i try to ask about eveything im not sure on i am sorry
hey uki

i was talking too you yesterday in on eggs discord in a ticket tool and you got off so i @ some mods and they go pissed off and said thinks like " got to bed kid" there a life outside egg '' and i said iv been waiting for 1 hour and they baned me from the discord and i donate to this surtver monthly so i can no longer job can you please help me thanks.
Hey Uki

I'm writing about how I got perma banned from the Egg Rp server for one of my mates talking smack about you on discord after and I don't think it's fair that all the rest of us got banned for not saying anything at all and just took the three day banned and were gonna reflect on our mistakes that happened that day but then one our friends got hot headed if you could please reconsider unbanning me/friends
Hello uki

I'm writing to you today to get the chance to get unbanned from your rp server. I've been banned from this server for nearly a whole year now because i spawned my vehicle at one of the garages multiple times in the span of 5 minutes. I want to play and roleplay in your server again, so if you could give me another chance I would really appreciate it.