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Hello uki

I'm writing to you today to get the chance to get unbanned from your rp server. I've been banned from this server for nearly a whole year now because i spawned my vehicle at one of the garages multiple times in the span of 5 minutes. I want to play and roleplay in your server again, so if you could give me another chance I would really appreciate it.

Hello Garvin i have been talking to uki about how i have been banned for being racist. How ever this was not me, over the time i have had multiple virus alerts on my computer causing things such as files being renamed to the n word, Recently i was playing on your server and was banned for being racist not knowing why until i saw that someone had wrote the n word in the chat.
i have factory reset my pc and installed an anti virus so that things like this wont happen again in the future, please if i could play this server again it would mean the world to me, getting banned for something i havnt done, please if you could help me out with this situation it would mean so much