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Hey, uki! I hope you're well! I appreciate the unban you appealed for me - It means a million! However, I cannot join until my discord is unbanned from the server so can I please bother you for that? I appreciate your time - for privacy's sake my discord is on my ban appeal.

Again I hope I'm not too much of a bother! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the server :)
Please try now
How you just gonna ban someone just like that, after so much time, money and dedication put into your city, badmin wouldnt have a proper discussion with me....such a dissapoinment
hey uki

you did my appeal last night im sorry for braking the rules but i did not know that it was a part of that i am really sorry and did not mean to brake any rules iv been in the city for a week and loving every bit of it i am sorry for what i did i just didnt know i try to ask about eveything im not sure on i am sorry
hey uki

i was talking too you yesterday in on eggs discord in a ticket tool and you got off so i @ some mods and they go pissed off and said thinks like " got to bed kid" there a life outside egg '' and i said iv been waiting for 1 hour and they baned me from the discord and i donate to this surtver monthly so i can no longer job can you please help me thanks.