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Server Guide

Useful info and keybinds

Below you will find a list of the keybinds, info on the HUD and other useful commands, we're adding new features so be sure to check back here from time to time.

Stuck in a menu or the inventory?
You can try press F8 and then in the console type closemenu or closeinv if this does not work you may need to restart your game.

F1 (Egg Menu)

The Egg Menu can be opened using F1 and contains many useful tools:

Menu Item Description
📋 Help Guide Access a copy of this help guide in game (you can also use the F2 key)
💳 ID menu Show or view your different ID cards and licenses
😋 Emotes menu Access the emote system and use different emotes or set your walking style
😲 Actions menu Different RP actions including carrying players
🏥 Health menu Track and manage your injuries to see if you require medical attention
🚘 Vehicle menu Track and manage your vehicle or share keys with another player
💵 Bills menu View and pay your outstanding bills
💼 Job menu View and swap between jobs
🐶 Pet menu Call, dismiss or feed your pet (you can buy a pet from the pet store)
🤹 Skills menu View your skill progression for the current session
⚙️ Other menu Misc. settings including radio volume, hud size and more

Common RP Terms

We are a roleplay server which means you must not break character, sometimes you may need to communicate real world info in the game.

These are some common terms you may hear during roleplay which refer to out of character things, please use these where neccessary instead of using out of character terminology, you should try stay in character at all time.

Term Meaning
Body Cam Streaming
Eyes Screen
Ears Headset
Voicebox Microphone
Not in my eyes Not on my screen
In your eyes Just on your screen
Email Discord Messages
Theres a Spider on your foot Jump in the air as your character is glitching
City Server
Head exploded Crashed
Tsunami City Restart
Refresh my eyes / Taking a nap Restarting game
In my head / in their head Player is AFK
Catching a flight in Joining the server
Catching a flight out Leaving server
Default Danny / Jenny New player (usually in the red EggRP clothing)
Flex your [Keyboard] muscle Press that key on your keyboard
GPS / Google Maps Map
Deported Banned
Holiday / Vacation Tempban
Government Admins or staff team
Terrorist attack Being ddosed or attacked
Wizards Modders
Clear your throat Microphone is playing up
Youre on a trampoline Your vehicle is invisible
My arms are having a fit Keyboard isnt working properly
Glasses are being funny / there’s somthing in my eye textures are playing up

Thanks to Junky#8528 for putting the above list together

Main Keybinds

These are the main keybinds in use on our server, some are not always applicable so refer to the notes column.

Popular Keybinds

Name Hotkey Notes
Open Phone K Open your in-game mobile phone
Chat Box T Only to be used for support chat
Show Minimap (on foot) Hold E Show the minimap while on foot (always on in car)
Show full map P Show the full size in-game map
Open Inventory Z Open your player inventory
Hands Up X Hands in the air
Surrender Hold X Get down on knees
Open Glovebox/Boot Z Open glovebox or boot for car you own (Must be in or behind the vehicle)
Talk on Radio (Hold) CAPS When equipped (buy from store)

Menu Keybinds

Name Hotkey Notes
EggRP Menu F1 Emotes, Vehicle menu, IDs and other shortcuts
EggRP Tablet F2 Open the help tablet (what you're using now)
Clothing Menu F3 Open the clothing menu to toggle accessories/clothes
Radial Menu (On Foot) F5 Emotes wheel with quick shortcuts to animations
Radial Menu (In Vehicle) F5 Quick vehicle actions including engine, doors and lock control
Job Menu (see notes) F6 Show job menu for certain jobs (police, ambulance, RACV, etc)
Change Voice Volume F7 Switch between Whisper, Normal and Shout voice modes
In-game Console F8 Check for errors, useful commands include disconnect, quit

Vehicle Keybinds

Name Hotkey Notes
Vehicle Menu F5 Quick vehicle actions including engine, doors and lock control
Seatbelt B Put your seatbelt on
Unlock/Lock HOME Lock or Unlock nearby owned vehicle
Speed Limiter = Set the speed limiter to current speed
Headlights H Turn your headlights on and off
Horn E Sound the horn
Indicators (left right arrows) Use left or right vehicle indicators
Hazard lights (Hold down arrow) Use hazard lights for when you are broken down
Cruise Control Y Toggle cruise control (Vehicle will stay traveling at set speed)
Speed locker = Toggle the vehicles speed lock (Vehicle will not travel above set speed)

Commands (while in vehicle)

Description Command
Switch the seat you are in /seat (num)
Toggle auto shuffling /shuff
Turn engine on or off /engine
Turn neons on or off (if installed) /neons
Open/close the boot /trunk
Open/close the bonnet /hood
Lock/unlock the car /lock

Animation Keybinds

Name Hotkey Notes
Point Finger B Point your finger in the direction you are looking
Hands up X Put your hands up in the air
Surrender Hold X Put your hands on your head and kneel
Fold arms H Fold your arms across your chest
Crouch CTRL Crouch down (replaces default sneak)

Other Useful info

Here are some extra tips and tricks for other features on our server, use these in the chat box.

Description Command
Set a GPS route to a postcode /postal (id) or /go (id)
Show fines and bills (also available in F1 menu) /showbills
Perform an emote (view list in F1 menu) /emote (name)
Changes your walking style (view list in F1 menu) /walk (name)
Toggle the HUD between normal/minimal mode /toggleui
Flip a vehicle that has landed upside down /flipcar
Reset your ped if something is stuck or glitched /fixped
Show player IDs for 3 seconds (for reports) /ids
Request assistance from an online staff member /assist (info)
Report another player (rule breaches etc) /report (id) (reason)
Force close menus (good to try if stuck, before restarting) /closemenu
Force close the inventory /closeinv

Character Resets

Character resets are an option for all players with more than 15 days playtime, with cooldown periods between resets being 6 months. Staff Infractions will be taken into account on a case by case basis. Character resets are complete wipes, you will lose all progress, money and assets with strict New Life Rule coming into effect on death of your previous character. Offloading assets and money to other players in the lead up to a reset will be checked for by Staff and if found to be doing this, your request will be declined. There will be no exceptions to these rules.

Name changes are only available on accounts with less than 12 hours playtime and with a valid reason (eg spelling mistakes, etc), if you have roleplayed with the name for longer than 12 hours this is not available.

Other Keybinds

These keybinds are specific to police and other whitelisted jobs.

Emergency Vehicle Lighting System

Name Hotkey
Activate Emergency lights Q
Momentary siren activation (cycles siren tones when main siren activated) R
Activate takedown lights Shift + H
Opens siren menu O

Last Updated 21/05/2023