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Week 1 - July 2020 Updates

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Hi all,
Another busy week in development, a lot of fixes and new features have been added!
Here is a summary of the changes, and what we are working on

New Moderator
Big welcome to Simon to the EggRP team, Simon has been a big help from the day he joined
he will be a great addition to the staff team, welcome! ?

Drug Missions
- USB's to do drug missions are now single use (can carry 2)
- If you fail to hack the network you now only need to wait 30 minutes
- 2 hours between job missions (per person)
- New hacking tablet

- New prison commissary with food and snacks. In the visitation room
- New jail script has been added, integrated with police menu
- New uniforms for both male and female

- We are continuing to adjust the jobs and tweak various things
- Adjusted the spawn locations and markers for certain jobs
- Added all female uniforms
- Work vehicles now spawn with 100% fuel

What are we working on?
Some new features are in the pipeline, here are some:

- Add in weapon licensing
- Allow locking job vehicles
- Restrict certain skin items (eg police clothes)

A few more bug fixes or tweaks are on the radar, we won't mention all of them but some examples are below
- Don't allow hands up while driving

As always we welcome any feedback or suggestions in #?-server-suggestions or our forums!

~ Uki & the EggRP Team

Misc other changes
- Add police and ambulance models
- Moved hospital (heal, respawn, job) to Pillbox
- Reduced heal cost from $2.5k to $1.5k
- Cleanup vehicle menu design
- Add food stalls (working) around Legion Square
- Move prison commissary in to the visitation room
- Add warning before using repair kit (to get in/out of car)
- Add new 'select location' menu when you join
- Add new hints to reporter job to make it clearer what to do
- Edit warehouse message to mention you need cash
- Add new circles around feet when talking
- Add new male/female jail clothing
- Add new safezones at Legion, PD and Hospitals
- Add new NPCs to all stores
- Add new masks option in the clothing stores
- Cars from the dealership are now a random colour
- Added new NPC missions to RACV job (towing cars)
- Change extra/colour defaults for new PD vehicles

Issues and Bugs
- Fix issue with dates on police MDT
- Fix issue with users table
- Fix issue with vehicleshop trying to check rent (we're not using that feature)
- Fix issue with location menu showing when logging back in dead
- Fix issue with police MDT showing while dead
- Fix issue with gates at Zancudo that can't be opened
- Fix issue with Mini Cooper model
- Fix issue with impound markers not showing up
- Fix issue with having to leave and enter certain markers to reopen menu
- Fix issue with location menu showing over first registration screen
- and a few more I am probably forgetting
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