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Closed vihanga badakana police application

User name: stratakis.

Name: Vihanga Badakana.

Discord Name and ID: stratakis#0157.

What skills do you feel you have that will help the police department? I feel that i can bring a wide range of skills into the police force, these being, honesty, respect, hard working ethics, teamwork and determination. I feel that i can bring these skills into the Police Force, to make the state of Victoria a better state than it is, having said this, please keep in mind that i work really well in a team environment. I learn off of other people and i also like to help others out as well. I work hard to set goals and see them come to life, one being so far a Role for me in the Police Force.

Do you have any previous experience as an officer? Yes, Probational Officer on OzzyGaming.

How long have you been in this city? I have been in the City for about a Month and i have learnt alot of things from players and experience.

Do you know any of our current officers who would recommend you? Yes, Harry Jenkins. I have a strong bond with him, and we both respect each other. He is the one who inspired me to join the Police Force. Watching him take down crimminals and putting them into custody then putting them behind bars. He is a hard worker in the force, and i feel that i can be like him and do whatever it takes to get crime off the streets of Victoria.

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know. I feel that i would be a perfect fit in the Police Force, as i have previous experience, i already get along with the officers and that i will bring alot of skills into the Force as mentioned before. I understand that you will recieve a number of applications but please, take mine into concideration.
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