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Jobs: Now Hiring!

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Hey team,

We've been putting in some work to get vehicles in with the proper liveries, working lighting systems and more. We will be opening job apps through the website shortly however in the mean time we have plenty of other non application jobs available too.

What have we been working on?


Victoria Police
We've got some great looking cars with amazing lighting systems (client side visual mods and custom sirens recommended!), we have three classes of vehicles which are General Duties, Highway Patrol and then Detective options. Our police force is ready to go with this versatile range, including built in MDT and ANPR plate scanner technology.

Police have access to a range of equipment and tools including DNA testing/collection (from crime scenes), mobile data terminals, access to searching vehicles (trunk and glovebox) and much more.


These AMAZING models are by creators Macgregor and MooseYTY who both make great models/livery that add to the realism.


Ambulance Victoria
No city would be complete without ambulance officers, we've included a Mercedes Sprinter ambulance with interior, a Ford Territory (for MICA paramedics) and a Ford Kluger for general use. We are looking to also add a 200 series Landcruiser.

AV staff will receive distress messages from unconscious players, the message includes postcode and coordinates (hint: use /postal (id) to navigate to a postcode!) can treat and revive players, take them to the hospital where they can visit a doctor to be healed.nnnnn


Awesome models and skins by Macgregor, davoboii and KoalaScars


RACV (Mechanic)
Player managed job, we will be looking for the manager of RACV who will be in charge of hiring employees and running RACV, we will be setting up the old LS Customs with an RACV workshop where they can store work vehicles etc.

We've got a nice flatbed for towing and an F250 Superduty with an optional light board. We've also included a LED sign trailer with customization messages, great for accident scenes, events etc.


Liveries for the F250, DOT trailer and flatbed by uki.


What else?
Although these jobs are awesome, we know they are not for everyone so we have a range of other things to do. You can choose from a range of jobs like butcher, farmer or a miner where you collect rocks, wash them and then sell them to dealers.

If you're feeling like a crim then use the hacking USBs to hack in to the cartel network and ambush their next shipment, sell the goods to players and civilians for that sweet black money (you need to find the 'laundromat' though!)

That is all for now, hope to see you around :)

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