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EggRP: Coming soon!

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Howdy !

I'm excited because we are getting closer full launch, the server has now been launched in beta mode and is online (non whitelist).

What have we been worked on?

We're going for a role-play server which means we are adding in the usual features like player jobs and various activities to do. Some you have seen before however there are also some new exciting features and things to do in our city.

Bug Fixes and Optimization
Its no secret that modded games can be buggy or have performance issues, we're putting an emphasis on making a well optimized and high performance server. We're running on a dedicated server in Sydney and have made many optimizations and enhancements to the existing add-ons.

Realism and Features
We are working on changing things up a little more than usual, for example we have 1000s of new vegetation (trees, hedges) around the map, new night time lighting on buildings, enhanced interiors (jails, police stations, hospitals) and more. You may not notice these things unless paying close attention, however sometimes its the details that matter.

Thats all for now, see you soon in the next update!

-- Uki


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