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Changes to server bans

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From 30th of July 2021 we are no longer accepting appeals for server bans, an appeal will only be reviewed if the ban has been issued to the wrong account. Staff decisions are final.

If you believe a ban was issued to your account incorrectly, then you can fill out the below form where you will receive a reply generally within a week however there is no guaranteed timeframe for response.

Simply put, our team are all volunteers who did not sign up to dedicating 99% of their free time dealing with the minority who do the wrong thing and do not adhere to the server rules, the vast majority of bans that are appealed are determined to be valid are declined and are an inefficient use of volunteer time.

Our server rules are plain English, documented clearly in multiple places (discord, the website, the first time you join the city, in-game announcements) and there is simply no excuse not to adhere to them.

As a player it is your responsibility to read the rules and seek clarification if you are unsure, you are wholly responsible for your actions.

You can view the server rules at any time via the F2 tablet in game or on our website at Server Rules

Incorrectly issued ban form:

If your appeal is found to be issued to the correct account, the appeal will be closed.

You can review the server rules at this link: Server Rules
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