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Bullet-Proof vest

According to the rules, wearing a bulletproof vest is not permitted. Personally, I think it would be interesting if wearing a bulletproof vest while having a meth shield were allowed. I understand that the meth shield is applied because you would be off your head and you wouldn't actually possess physical armour IRL. I am aware that there aren't many individuals wearing bullet-proof vests in Melbourne, but if gangs/crews can obtain Tommy guns, AK-47s, and shotguns, obtaining a bullet-proof vest shouldn't be too difficult for them. I am not asking for an actual bullet proof vest with bullet stopping capability's which you may buy from the black market, I'm essentially requesting the right to wear the vest purely for cosmetic purposes. perhaps even just being permitted to wear when necessary. I believe this would provide the crew and gang outfits across the city a lot more complexity, and it also looks badass.


Staff member
At this time we're not looking to change the rules regarding this

No one runs around Melbourne in armoured gear, its also illegal to possess and wear
It would mean a lot if this one rule could be adjusted as not many rules are.

Saying that no one runs around in bullet proof vest is a bit extensive though you are correct, there is still the small quantity of people that do especially when engaging in shootouts, bralls ect. Using the excuse of the item being illegal makes no sense purely because of the fact that not only is it a risk that people can take but also that most deadly Mobs, Mafias MCs and other organisations intend and often occur to be illegal which comes down the the main fact of it being a risk. This cosmetic can be limited to specific events which these organisations involve them self's in, meaning that if needed it can only be at night or when undercover.

Please don't note this message as an argument but as a suggestion that most people can agree on.