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Stream Deck Integration

Details on the FiveM Steam Deck integration and templates for creating designs

Stream Deck Integration


FXCommands is an EggRP developed Stream Deck plugin for sending commands to the FiveM client console, it can be used to replace existing Stream Deck setups that usually involve some sort of macro/combination like pressing F8, typing a command and pressing enter.

What's possible?

You can map any command to a button and it will be run in the background unlike the macro-based solution which will stop you from moving while it opens the console and types the command.

Some common examples would include adding emotes and walking styles, the new /setradio (frequency) command to change radio channels and for whitelisted jobs a new /priority (level) (job) command, you can easily press the buttons while driving, moving or talking without having your controls interrupted.

Anything you can do as a command, you can add as an action on your Stream Deck. You can also create and share profiles with the community if you create something useful.

If you don't have a Stream Deck, you should consider one as they are awesome!


The source code and downloads for FXCommands are on Github:

Download Plugin
Github Repo

Note: If you're having issues with the Stream Deck plugin, you can post a message in the #tech-support channel in our Discord server for community support or open a Github issue here

Stream Deck Templates

The below tutorial includes templates and instructions for creating custom Stream Deck backgrounds


Download the Stream Deck layout templates from the below url and extract the zip file

Open the correct file for your Stream Deck size

  • Stream Deck Mini - sd_3x2.psd
  • Stream Deck - sd_5x3.psd
  • Stream Deck XL - sd_8x4.psd

Edit the template to your liking, use the "Overlay" layer to help preview the button spacing when aligning images and background designs

Once you are happy with the design, make sure the "Overlay" layer is hidden or deleted

Go to File > Export > Save for Web

Change the preset (top right) to PNG 24

Select all of the slices (drag to select or shift+click all)

Press and choose a folder to save your new template

Your design is now sliced in to the individual button backgrounds and you can assign them to the buttons, the images are numbered from left to right, top to bottom

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    Jul 29, 2022
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