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Server Store

Help support the running and development of EggRP

Help support the ongoing running costs and future development of EggRP and recieve in-game and forum benefits. Ranks that are purchased are activated instantly by using the /checkrole command, some donation benefits are manually granted while we develop our automated system.

Please note that all donation transactions are final and no refunds are processed.

By proceeding you acknolwedge and agree to our terms of service and guidelines located here.

Rank Upgrades

Visit rank upgrades

Check out our three donator ranks which added perks and benefits, a donator rank applies across all (current and future) servers in the EggRP network, upgrades are instant.

Misc. Donation

Make a donation
This is not a role/rank upgrade option, please see the above option for those

Make a donation towards the ongoing running costs for the EggRP community, any donations are appreciated and go towards our monthly fees, custom scripts, development and new content for the community.

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    Sep 2, 2019
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