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Current Server Staff

Listing of the current server staff and service accounts

Below you will find a list of current server staff along with links to their profile (forum) and discord details.

Server staff will never directly message you with links to open, attachments to download or requests for information on your account (including identifiers, passwords, etc) - please report any suspicious behavior to us via the ticket system in discord. The ticket system and forum are the only methods that staff will communicate with you on regarding server related matters.

You can follow this guide to find out how to view a discord users id if you need to confirm the actual identifier of the user (remember, anyone can chose any nickname on discord).

Never click unsolicited links or download attachments from people you do not know, including emails, discord messages or popups. For more tips and tricks on internet safety check out this guide from Kaspersky.

Name Position Server UID RP Name Discord Forum
ukiyo Admin 1 Josh Lariat ukiyo#0001

Gyptits Senior Mod 792 Jackson Parker Gyptits#0001

Garvin Moderator 3077 Garvin Sticks Garvin#4548

Swirl Moderator 5808 Alexa Lariat Swirlkins#0001

Alexa Lariat
Hoosle Moderator 3104 Barry Oconnor Hoosle#3513

Sav Moderator 22140 Saverio Colangelo Sav#0003

Parker Moderator 5658 Steven Murphy Parker#0836

Steven Murphy
Jack Moderator 9136 Jack Timothy woj#5861

Jack Timothy

EggRP utilise a number of service accounts for system integration and other services, you can find details on these accounts below along with comments on usage and interactions:

Service Account Identifiers Description
Email [email protected] Used to send notifications from our website (for example replies to your threads, password reset that you have requested, subscription details)
Discord bot Eggy#2327

Used for staff tooling including looking up FiveM account details, ban management and other utility commands
Discord bot EggRP#2657

Used for account integration between the Website, FiveM server and discord including authentication and role identification
Discord service account EggRP#0001

Used for integration between discord and external EggRP services

You will never recieve a message from an EggRP service account instructing you to provide your password or download an attachment.

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