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Server Rules

EggRP server and community rules


We want EggRP to be a friendly and enjoyable community for all players. We are a roleplay based server, and our rules are designed to reflect this.

If you are in breach of the below server or community rules you may receive a warning or a ban depending on the severity of the offence, staff have the discretion when taking action for breaches of these rules. Server bans are not able to be appealed unless the ban is issued in error.

As a player it is your responsibility to report any observed rule breaks to the server staff, this can be done via a report ticket in the #support-ticket channel in our Discord server. If a rule is unclear please speak to a staff member for clarification.

Playing on EggRP is free and is a privilege and not a right, staff reserve the right to revoke access to the server or community at any time, and will remove undesirable players (rule breakers, trolls etc).

These rules are modified and expanded from time to time, be sure to check back periodically and look out in the discord announcements for any changes, it is your responsibility to make sure you are up to date with the latest server and community rules.

Acceptance of these rules
By participating in this community including in-game (FiveM server), on the forums and in the Discord server, you are confirming you have read, understand and accept the below community rules and guidelines in full as well as the privacy policy and terms and conditions available on the website.

Community Guidelines (click on individual rules to expand)

EggRP is an inclusive community and welcomes all players.
Players who discriminate against or make hateful comments/remarks towards other community members based on their race, gender, identity, sexual preferences, disability, health issue or any other similar factor will be issued an un-appealable ban, we have a zero tolerance policy for people who are toxic towards, discriminate against or bully other players and our volunteer staff team within our community.

Staff interactions
Our entire team is made up of unpaid volunteer staff who dedicate their free time to running a community and server for you to enjoy at no cost.

If a staff member gives you a direction, follow it - if you do not agree with the direction or have concerns then open a support ticket afterwards but do not argue or disregard it on the spot, these are non negotiable.

Arguing with a decision or direction may see you being removed from the server or an increase to any punishment you were subject to.

Toxic or disrespectful behaviour to staff is one of the quickest ways to be removed from this community.

No advertising or discussing other servers or communities including sharing of websites and server addresses or products for sale, services or other schemes.

This applies to across our network including the forums, discord and in game.

You may share a link to your Youtube or Twitch channel in the clips section if sharing EggRP related content, you can also use the streamer announcement and role feature, type !help-stream in discord for more info.

RP Character Name guidelines
Please do not name your RP character after TV or movie stars, famous people or troll names (like Mike Hunt). Do not use your real name when registering a character - pick a new unique name for your RP character that suites the backstory and type of RP life you will be roleplaying.

Players with troll names are indicating to us that you maybe aren't here to roleplay properly, if you have chosen an inappropriate name then you may not be able to connect until you open a support ticket to have it changed.

Players who have used offensive names such as racist words etc may be permanently removed without notice.

Offensive Content
No offensive content (including but not limited to names, avatars, profiles, content or media) to be shared within the community, this includes in game, on the forums or within the Discord server.

You may be issued a permanent ban depending on the severity.

Don’t impersonate staff or other players

No External advantages, modded clients, injectors, menus and exploits
External advantages include things like crosshairs or tools which give you additional information/advantage over other players.

Any exploits and or major bugs should be reported to the staff team as soon as possible, if you benefit from an exploit (for example receiving illegitimate funds from a friend who has exploited) you may also be punished.

Any use or attempted use of a server system, resource or mechanic in a way other than its intended design may may be deemed exploiting. These include GTA 'glitches' like bike bunny-hopping to gain speed, shift boosting, shift punching, taking advantage of an exploit or bug in a script, bypassing anti-afk system, duplication bugs and misuse of commands.

We have a zero tolerance policy for players taking advantage of glitches, bugs or issues.

EggRP has implemented a range of anti-cheat detection and cheat prevention software to prevent unfair advantage and exploiting.

Game and visual modifications
Game and visual mods that provide an advantage are not permitted, these include but are not limited to mods such as:

- Weapon/bullet tracers
- Lighting/weather modifications
- Hit effects (headshot effects, blood effects)
- Transparency modifications (invisible objects, foliage, trees etc)
- Stretched resolution to provide tactical advantage

General shaders such as NVE, Reshade, QuantV and ENB are permitted as long as they are not configured in a way that provides an unfair advantage, any other shader or visual modification must be approved prior to use via a support ticket.

Player and Account Security
You are responsible for your account and any actions taken on it, we do not accept excuses such as:

- My account was stolen and I was anti-cheat banned
- It was my relative
- My friend had my account

We only allow one player to an account (no sharing) and one account to a player (no multiple accounts), this prevents issues such as the above and keeps your account secure.
Account sharing is not permitted, do not share your account with friends or family members.

Real world trading
Real world trading is not permitted under any circumstance, real world trading refers to the trading or sale of in-game assets for real world money, services or goods. For more information refer to our platform terms and conditions.

Don't ping staff
Do not ping members or staff for no valid reason, valid reasons for pinging staff include emergencies or offensive content needing immediate action.

Don't direct message staff in regards to the server
In the interest of transparency and consistency, please use our support ticket system where all tickets are logged and all members of staff can see and respond.

If you are lodging a formal complaint against a staff member you can open a support ticket and ask for it to be escalated to the senior staff team.
If you need technical support (crashes, issues) please use the #tech-support channel

No spamming including ALL CAPS, random text
Please do not spam (multiple repeated messages), WRITE IN ALL CAPS or write random jumbled words like "djkfdjfdkf", keep the chat clean.

Refer to channel rules
Many channels have additional rules and guidelines, for example #general is not to be used for tech support discussion. Refer to the channel rules at the top of the discord client when you are in a channel.

Roleplay and Gameplay

No random killing or unjustified murder. Shooting someone over scratching your car or because they called you a name is unrealistic, shooting police on traffic stops to avoid a speeding fine is considered RDM.

Murder is a serious crime, any killing without prior justified roleplay is against the rules.

VDM refers to running players over or hitting them with your car for no reason or unrealistically (for example hitting someone with a car at high speed) or using your vehicle as a weapon unrealistically.

Killing or having punch ons (outside of the fight ring) with someone just because they are your friend is still treated as RDM if it is not roleplayed out - you must be in character and roleplaying at all time. There is no such thing as mutual consent to not follow rules.

Meta-gaming is using information you found outside of character, examples include stream sniping, using information from discord or given to you outside of the server, remembering events after dying etc.

Metagaming is considered a serious infraction and players partaking in this behavior will be punished heavily

Powergaming is using mechanics or forced RP to your advantage, some examples include:

- Using /me to direct RP outcome, eg "I force you to take 40k from your bank"
- Driving a car off a cliff and not roleplaying injuries / vehicle damage (due to GTA mechanics)
- Unrealistic abilities / super-human advantages
- Unrealistic actions like driving while handcuffed
- Misuse of abilities like spamming handcuff while chasing someone
- Using comms (radio, phone) after they have been removed in roleplay

You must not engage in any crime or hostile RP in any safe zone, you cannot flee to the protection of a safe zone during a hostile RP, this is considered powergaming.

Green Zones
Green zones are areas like parking garages, clothing stores etc - No crime or hostile RP including stealing vehicles or stealing from trunks/gloveboxes.

Blue Zones
Blue zones are areas like the police stations, fire stations, hospitals and job sites, these areas are not hangout spots and have additional rules:
- No loitering or hanging around in a blue zone unless you have official business there (employment, picking someone up from hospital, etc)
- No anti-social behaviour for example burnouts, trying to start fights, reckless driving, etc

Job Impersonation
You are not allowed to impersonate police, ambulance, fire rescue or RACV jobs, this also includes pretending to be a staff member.

You are not allowed to wear any job uniform or equipment items for a job you do not belong to, this includes equipment such as holsters, ballistic or bullet proof vests, police bags, fire rescue equipment or uniforms etc.

You may be able to access these clothing items via the store but they must not be used unless you are in the job.

Usage of job clothing, vehicles and equipment
When working a job, you must use the clothing and vehicles provided at all times - you are not permitted to use a personal vehicle to complete a job.

The only exception to the above this rule is the taxi/uber job where you can use a suitable vehicle (see uber vehicle guidelines) to complete the job.

Breach of the below rules will result in an instant ban

No sexualised roleplay of any kind in public areas, keep it in the strip club or your private residence or go do this 'roleplay' somewhere out of the server.

Sexual roleplay is permitted where consent exists between both parties and the RP is within reason / not excessive. If the other party does not consent this will be considered and treated as sexual harassment.

You are not to partake in sexualised RP if you are under the age of 18 in the real world, you are not to engage in sexualised RP with or around anyone under the age of 18 in the real world. Use common sense and err on the side of caution if you are unsure.

Going around engaging in non stop sexual or over the top roleplay is not allowed, you are not allowed to roleplay a prostitute or stripper or go around wearing these sorts of outfits (including running around with no clothing on), players going around engaging in nothing but this roleplay (eg going around offering blowjobs to everyone they come across), will be removed. This is low quality RP and many will not appreciate it.

At the end of the day we're playing in GTA and FiveM which is a video game. Aspects are not realistic however you should keep roleplay in mind at all times.

A working microphone is required for roleplaying

Examples of Fail RP
- Driving non off-road vehicles off road
- Driving up the side of the mountain
- Dancing on moving cars
- Using personal vehicle/clothes for jobs
- Random shooting in the middle of the city
- Shooting someone without good reason (eg calling you names)

Moving bodies
Do not move a body if you do not have a good roleplay reason to move it, this includes picking up a body to move it off the road (you wouldn't do this in real life).

When you move a body you take it away from the location EMS receive a ping from, this makes their job harder.

- If you are moving a body within RP you need 2 people present to be 'carrying' the body
- Carrying a body while on a motorbike or driving a vehicle is fail rp
- As a passenger you can carry a body in a vehicle where appropriate

Meth production van
Meth production activities must be done in an open area that is suitable and has sufficient area above the van which would prevent smoke build up to the point where it will kill you.

This means, not doing meth production in a garage, tunnel or other enclosed area and no driving them up a mountain or in an unrealistic location where a slow and heavy camper van would not be able to get to (these vehicles are not equipped for off road driving).

Usage of voice changers
Limited use of voice changes is permitted, however some rules apply:
- Voice effect must be realistic - no robot voices, high pitch, very low pitch etc
- If you use a voice changer, this is now your character and it must be used for all interactions
- You are not allowed to use a voice changer on and off (for example only during a robbery)

Fort Zancudo and Aircraft Carrier
The Fort Zancudo facility and the Aircraft carrier are off-limits, its not realistic for you to enter these highly guarded military facilities.

The gates at Zancudo are locked and only activities with prior government approval may take place here (for example police training). Do not go to the aircraft carrier, if you try and get in a jet you will be anti-cheat banned.

Continued disregard for laws
Continual disregard for breaking in game laws (traffic, criminal, minor charges) is not acceptable, you are allowed to break laws but you are not allowed to constantly go around running every red light at high speed, starting fights for no reason or racking up criminal charges for 'fun'.

If you engage in this sort of behaviour constantly, you will be sent to jail for life (ban).

Examples of Low Quality RP
- Reckless / high speed driving through the city
- Fake hostages during a robbery
- Playing off medical emergency (eg being revived then saying its just a stubbed toe)
- Trolling or baiting other players for reactions
- Excessive / large amounts of debt

Examples of Trolling
- Baiting reactions from others
- Voice spam or inappropriate soundboard use
- Immature / annoying behavior

Note on debt: Players who are in debt are unable to purchase food and drink to stay alive, pay medical fees, cover costs of fines and infringements or other basics within the server – as such we do not allow players to go in to excessive debt, currently the only way to go in to debt is through speed cameras which are located in the city area only, reckless speeding through the city is noted as an example of low quality RP above.

Please keep other players experience in mind when roleplaying!

Staff reserve the right to remove players who are not contributing meaningful roleplay, are trolling or are not putting any effort in to roleplay.

The new life rule is applicable any time your character has died and respawned at hospital, you are unable to remember any previous events or information leading up to your death, this includes how or where you died and who killed you (if applicable).

For example, if you are kidnapped and eventually shot, you have no memory of who kidnapped you, where you were taken or the events that took place. You are unable to find this information out from someone else in game, they are unable to provide you information from your previous life to your new life.

Players involved in a hostile RP resulting in death are excluded from any further RP with the other party and must avoid interaction for at least 30 minutes, you must not return to the area you died or attempt to retrieve lost items/possessions or continue any prior RP situation.

Revenge or repeat-killing is not permitted, you cannot kill someone then go to the hospital and kill them again in relation to the previous RP where they have died.

If you are unconscious and do not respawn at the hospital (eg from being revived by EMS) your memory is hazy and limited leading up to the injury, you must roleplay this limitation as well as any injuries you sustained.

As we are a roleplay server you should be mindful of your life at all times.

This means if someone points a gun at you, you should comply with their demands if the non-compliance would result in being killed, if you reply 'kill me' or do not act fearful of losing your life you are breaking this rule.

An example is if you're jumped by 4 gang members you must roleplay it out instead of running away (eg in RP you may be shot/stabbed if you tried), another example would be punching someone while they have a gun pointed at you (this is also Fail RP)

Do not interject yourself in to roleplay that you have no existing or RP interest in, this means things like running in to a ambulance scene or stopping and yelling things out towards police on a traffic stop.

If you see someone else in a gunfight, don't get involved - call the police instead. This includes if its your friend, in an RP that doesn't involve you.

We can and will remove players who think its fine to add their way in to other peoples roleplay and always trying to be the center of attention.

Examples of Interjecting in to RP
- Running in to the middle of a robbery or police scene
- Stopping and yelling out at police, ambulance etc or running in to the scene
- Shooting someone that you saw shooting another player INCLUDING a friend (call the police, don't get involved in the RP)

You should remain in character at all times and not talk out of character (OOC), the only time you are permitted to talk out of character is when you are speaking to a staff member and they have made it clear that the discussion is OOC.

Staff can (and do) issue warnings or in some cases bans for players breaking character, if you are seen doing this you may be punished without discussion or prior notice.

Players who are unable to exercise self control and remain in character repeatedly will be removed from the community, this is a roleplay server.

Do not combat log (log out while dead), we have a system in place to detect and log this and you will respawn as dead.

You must not log out during a police chase or arrest, you cannot store your car in a garage during a police chase to avoid it being impounded or run in to your house, locked building or behind a locked gate to avoid arrest during a pursuit or police chase.

Ambulance interactions
When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. If you are unconscious you should tell the responding paramedic what your injuries are (these must be realistic).

You must roleplay the revive / medical treatment RP situation and this may involve taking a trip up to the hospital or receiving treatment roadside/in the ambulance (at the paramedics discretion), if you are picked up by a paramedic your memory leading up to when you became unconscious should be fuzzy.

Police interactions
Traffic Stops
You must roleplay out all police traffic stops, taking off and evading every time you are pulled over is not allowed. You are not permitted to pull out firearms or threaten violence during a traffic stop even if you have illegal goods on you.

Police will not search you without reasonable suspicion however reasonable suspicion may be obtained through general questioning, if you are in an area of a recent or frequent drug sales or have a prior history of specific offences.

Don't think its fair you got stopped for speeding and could lose drugs/guns if you don't start an instant shootout with police? here is an idea, when you are carrying items like that, don't draw attention to yourself by driving recklessly and breaking the laws, any switched on criminal would avoid police and attention.

Speed / Exclusion Zones and Barricades
You are not allowed to drive in-to or through a police barricade (road blocked by vehicles or barriers) or through a 0 km/h speed zone (an exclusion zone).

Speed / exclusion zones are marked on your map as a shaded circle, white circles are speed zones and will have a fixed speed limit which is shown to you when entering and must be adhered to, red zones are exclusion zones and you are not permitted to enter without a valid roleplay reason (for example if you are police or EMS responding to a situation).

We understand that both suicide and terrorism unfortunately occur in real life however they are touchy subjects and due to this are prohibited from being roleplayed.

Roleplaying as a hitman or serial killer is not permitted, this is treated as RDM (see RP-1)

Vigilantism is not allowed - If you observe a player breaking the rules, clip the interaction and then open a report ticket in the discord, taking matters in to your own hands and breaking rules will result in punishment.

If you're police, ambulance, fire rescue or RACV etc then you must not purchase discounted items (eg weapons, bandages, repair kits) to give away to friends, players etc.

You can use these in the normal duties of your job (eg using a medikit on a player or selling a repair kit for the fixed rate)

This also includes stockpiling resource etc outside of the normal job limits (eg holding 5x repair kits for RACV, 1x service pistol for police)

If you're using discord or similar you must also speak in game when talking to another player in the server for example if you are talking to your friend in discord who is next to you or using discord instead of a radio you must also speak in-game when others are nearby so they can hear you.

Do not bait any emergency service this includes things like doing a burnout in front of police, randomly driving/running in and out of an active scene, flying past a stationary vehicle at 150km an hour, pulling out in front of emergency vehicles or trying to block them etc.

Anything where you're trying to bait a reaction/chase from the police or other emergency services is not allowed.

Certain types of RP are restricted unless there is a minimum of 3 police on duty, police are involved in many criminal RP situations so certain activities have been reserved for when there is a minimum amount of active police on duty, these include:

- Kidnapping or robbery of a player: 3
- Store/Bank/House robbery: 3
- Vehicle Tracker: 3
- Any RP involving murder of police: 3

Police are responsible for a large amount of RP that takes place in the city, when there are 1 or 2 police on (less than 3) you are to avoid RP which results in police being murdered and taken off duty / away from RP, avoid initiating RP that will result in a shootout.

You are not allowed to steal emergency vehicles including police, ambulance, fire rescue and RACV including AI driven vehicles.

If you don't think the role-play was appropriate and you have concerns please raise this via the proper channel (police discord) and a leadership member will discuss and take action if appropriate.

Some police may role-play a harder style officer however clear breaching of the rules is not permitted.

These players are responsible for a lot of roleplay on the server, kidnapping them holds them up from their jobs (and RP) and is not allowed.

This also extends to stealing from emergency vehicles (including equipment and weapons)

There is a direct conflict of interest if police are breaking the same laws that they enforce on other players.

If you're police then you are not allowed to do store/bank robberies, drug missions, selling of drugs, and other criminal activity.

There will be no unauthorised groups, gangs, clubs or crews in the city, all groups and crews will need to be authorized by the staff team through the application system in Discord.

A crew is the entry point in to group RP where the members of the group are conducting hostile or criminal RP with each other, existing crews looking to expand or branch out may consider applying for a whitelisted group after a minimum time period of 4 weeks running as a crew.

A small group of 3-4 players who wish to engage in hostile RP together (including player to player, criminal activity, bank robberies etc) or operate as a small gang or group.

Whitelisted Group
A larger group of 4+ players who wish to engage in hostile RP together (including player to player, criminal activity, bank robberies etc) or operate as a gang, motorcycle club, mafia family.

The definition of an crew or group may be defined as, but not limited to:
- Multiple players (3 or more) conducting hostile RP together including robberies, criminal activity and any hostile RP
- Multiple players dressing in the same clothing, outfit or common article of clothing (face masks, bandanas, vests, etc)
- Multiple players with the same last name or a group name

We have a separate page with more important details around crews and groups and the rules and guidelines that govern them, you can view the page by clicking here.

Externals in planned hostile RP
An external player is defined as a player not involved in the immediate RP, for example a getaway driver staged elsewhere during a bank robbery, or a friend keeping watch on the highway for an ongoing vehicle tracker mission.

Externals are permitted on hostile roleplay where there is a genuine and reasonable involvement in the RP and the limits regarding crews and groups are not exceeded (refer to RP-23)

There are no restrictions on hostile actions for external players, however all other rules apply and there must be valid roleplay, for example:

Having friends waiting at the drop off point for a vehicle tracker ready to start shooting at the chasing police officer will not be allowed, however if you have a getaway driver at a robbery who is immobilised during the escape and a shootout then takes place as there is no other escape, then this would be considered reasonable.

Examples where externals are not permitted include:
- Hiding in the bush at a robbery and shooting at police when they arrive
- External chaser cars during a vehicle tracker ramming police

Externals in unplanned hostile RP
If your friend tells you in a discord call that they are being held up at legion and you rock up and shoot the guy straight away, you will be breaking multiple rules - metagaming, external comms and no prior involvement in the RP (RP-2, RP-15)

If you see two people in the middle of the RP fighting and you get involved, you may be interjecting in to someone else's roleplay (RP-9)

Hostages in applicable roleplay situations
If you are using a hostage in a roleplay situation they cannot be known to you, this means a friend or acquittance. No staged or pre-arranged hostages are permitted, if you are using a hostage in a roleplay the sourcing and capturing of a hostage should be initiated in genuine RP.

Its strongly recommended not to take a new player (in default danny clothes) hostage for your RP situation.

You must have a valid reason for taking any hostile action against a player, this must also be initiated as roleplay, i.e you can't just run up and shoot someone for some RP reason, you must initiate roleplay.

Robberies should be done within reason, not extensively and should be for the purpose of added roleplay - you are not allowed to go around robbing players non-stop to get rich quickly, this low quality RP will not be permitted.

You are not allowed to do hostile RP against anyone doing a job (excluding taxi/uber unless they have a rider on board) or at a job site, this includes robberies, fights etc.

Rules regarding robbing players:
- Minimum 3 police online (RP-17: Minimum police for certain crimes)
- The max value to take from a player during a robbery is $20k (legal items, money), there is no limit to illegal items. A legally purchased firearm (one available at the weapon shop) is not "illegal" for the purpose of a robbery regardless of the license status of the person being robbed.
- If a player is initiating a legitimate robbery roleplay, you must be truthful about what is in your inventory
- No stealing of job items at any time (eg fuel, rocks, etc)
- You cannot force a player to take money from their bank account or transfer it to you
- Avoid killing players who have complied with your demands (whether they had something to give you or not), this may be considered RDM
- You are not allowed to initiate a robbery or hostile action a job site or on someone completing their job (eg a trucker doing deliveries or a fueller in between job sites)
- For store/bank robberies there is a 'reasonable' limit to number of players involved, for example if there are 3 police on then you cannot have 7 people in a robbery scenario, remember that robberies should be mainly for RP not to 'get rich quick'

Rules regarding scamming other players:
- You are not allowed to scam a player during a vehicle transfer, this falls under power gaming
- If you have a good RP reason to scam a player in an interaction, the monetary value cannot exceed $20k
- This is generally poor quality roleplay and depending on the circumstances it may also be against the rules

Excessive robberies
- Excessive robberies are defined as more than 2 bank/store robberies or 2 player robberies in 1 calendar day
- If your only RP contribution to the city is going to be bank and player robberies, you will be removed from the community for low quality RP

Hostile RP after server crash / restart
If the server restarts or experiences a crash there is a minimum 15 minute period before hostile RP can take place.

If the server experiences a crash and everyone rejoins, in most cases police will be on duty but need to return back to the station to get vehicles, equipment etc - using this opportunity to start a bank robbery or conduct hostile RP is not allowed.

Hostile RP in unrealistic / visible locations
Committing violent criminal acts in highly visible public areas, job locations, government buildings or populated areas isn't really realistic due to people of the public witnessing, CCTV, police presence and patrols etc - robbing someone in broad daylight at gunpoint in the city would be considered unrealistic RP (such brazen acts in the open for a minimal reward isn't realistic or smart).

This means for example you can't rob someone in the middle of the street (roleplaying would mean there are many people around) or in a 7Eleven store with cameras and an attendant. Use common sense - robberies should be down back alley ways and out of view, roleplay them properly.

Staff reserve the right to decide when compensation may be applied for items or things lost due to crashes, server issues and anything in between.

Due to the nature of FiveM, crashes are not unheard of - we encourage you to reconnect and pick back up where ever you are. Our developers work hard to minimise the number of performance issues and crashes and it is uncommon for the server to crash, however due to the environment it will not be possible to eliminate all chances of these issues.

We generally do not provide compensation in these events.

The in-game Twitter platform is not to be used in an unrealistic manner, it is provided to be used similar to real life for general discussion and tweets.

Selling drugs or discussing illegal activity, harassment or excessive shit-talking is not permitted - staff regularly review tweets (we can see who posted them).

If you wish to discuss illegal activity, arrange drug sales etc you can use the WhatsApp app on your phone.

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