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Server Rules

EggRP server and community rules


We want EggRP to be a friendly and enjoyable community for all players. We are a roleplay based server, please keep this master rule in mind at all times.

If you are in breach of the below rules you may receive a warning or a ban depending on the severity of the offence, staff have the discretion when taking action for breaches of these rules. Appeals can be submitted via discord support ticket.

If a rule is unclear please use common sense or speak to a staff member for clarification, we will be glad to assist.

Playing on EggRP is free and is a privilege and not a right, staff reserve the right to decide who can and cant play and will remove undesirable players (rule breakers, trolls etc) from the community.

Community Guidelines (click to expand)

Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated in the EggRP community.

No advertising or discussing other servers or communities including sharing of websites and server addresses

No offensive usernames, character names, skins, avatars, profile headers etc

Don’t impersonate staff or other players

Roleplay and Gameplay

No random killing with cars, weapons etc. Killing randomly without intent or roleplay is against the rules.

No VDM rule relates to running players over or hitting them with your car for no reason / roleplay.

Meta-gaming is using information you wouldn't realistically know for example stream sniping, remembering events after dying and respawning etc.

Power gaming is using mechanics or forced RP for example saying "I steal 30k from your bank" is not realistic, neither is saying "I send my S15 off of maze bank and land a perfect 360".

Both of these are not permitted.

Safe zones are situated in key places around the map, for example police stations, clothing stores and the spawn area.

You must not engage in crime in one of these zones (or fire weapons in to a safe zone), it is Fail-RP if you run away in to a safe zone to avoid genuine role-play, another example would be starting a gang fight inside the police station.

You are not allowed to impersonate police, ambulance or RACV jobs, this also includes pretending to be a staff member.

You may be able to access these clothing items via the store but they must not be used unless you are in the job.

This will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban

We're a role-play server so please keep this in mind at all teams, an example of failing to RP would be constantly flying through speed cameras, shooting in the air etc.

Reckless driving through the city
Fake hostage during a robbery
Playing off medical emergency (eg being revived then saying its just a stubbed toe) Please keep other players experience in mind when roleplaying!

If your character dies and respawns you should not remember any previous events, this means you cannot go back to where you died and seek revenge etc.

Revenge killing will not be tolerated

As we are a roleplay server you should be mindful of your life at all times.

An example is if you're jumped by 4 gang members you must roleplay it out instead of running away (eg in RP you may be shot/stabbed if you tried).

At the end of the day we're playing in GTA and FiveM which is a video game. Aspects are not realstic however you should keep roleplay in mind at all times.

An example is being able to send a car off a building, land a triple flip and then drive off while being pursited by the police. Sorry as cool as that sounds, its aganist the rules.

Please minimise the use of the OOC chat (for help only) and keep voice chat in character at all times unless speaking with a staff member.

Do not combat log (log out while dead), we have a system in place to detect and log this and you will respawn as dead.

You must not use the systems to Fail-RP for example you cannot store your car in a garage during a police chase, to avoid it being impounded.

When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. You may not just run off and continue what you were doing, you must roleplay the revive / medical treatment RP situation and this may involve taking a trip up to the hospital or recieving treatment roadside/in the ambulance (at the paramedics discretion).

We understand that both these events unfortunately occur in real life however they are touchy subjects and we are setting the rule to disallow both of these.

This also includes trying to roleplay a hitman or serial killer, this will count as RDM.

If you're police, ambulance, RACV etc then you must not purchase discounted items (eg weapons, bandages, repair kits) to give away to friends, players etc. You can use these in the normal duties of your job (eg using a medikit on a player or selling a repair kit for the fixed rate)

This also includes stockpiling resource etc outside of the normal job limits (eg holding 5x repair kits for RACV, 1x service pistol for police)

If you're using discord or similar you must also speak in game when talking to another player in the server for example if you are talking to your friend in discord who is next to you or using discord instead of a radio you must also speak in-game when others are nearby so they can hear you.

Do not bait police, this includes things like doing a burnout in front of police, randomly driving/running in and out of an active scene, flying past a stationary vehicle at 150km an hour etc.

Anything where you're trying to bait a reaction/chase from the police is not allowed.

There is a minimum amount of police online for certain crimes, you should keep this in mind before committing more serious crimes, for example:

Store Robery: 3
Kidnapping/Robbery (of a player): 3
Murder of a Police / Ambulance (Within RP): 4

You must also play these scenarios out which may involve surrendering if you're really outnumbered.

You are not allowed to steal emergency vehicles including police, ambulance and RACV including AI vehicles.

If you don't think the role-play was appropriate and you have concerns please raise this via the proper channel (discord or forum) and a staff member will discuss and take action if appropriate.

Some police may role-play a harder style officer however clear breaching of the rules is not permitted.

These players are responsible for a lot of roleplay on the server, kidnapping them holds them up from their jobs (and RP) and is not allowed, there are rare exceptions (speak with staff).

This is not really realistic (well you get what we mean..), if you're police then please do not go on drug runs and then start selling weed around the city.

There will be no unauthorised gangs, MCs or large groups in the city. All gangs, clubs and group will need to be authorized by the government. The definition of a gang or MCs is defined as but not limited to:

- Multiple persons dressing in the same outfit and/or the same common article of clothing (Examples include face masks, bandanas or scaffs)
- A group of people in excess of 3 or more going around for the sake of making trouble such as cop baiting, group killings/Kidnappings general city disturbance.
- Multiple users using the same last names
- Recruiting members under a gang/MC name

You can open a support ticket on discord if you wish to apply for a whitelisted group/gang or MC.

When doing a store or bank robbery, if you have a player outside keeping watch or guard (for example in a bush or on a roof) you must inform the responding officers at the earliest opportunity so that they can roleplay it out.

If you come across a robbery (store, player etc) you must not get invoved unless you are part of the RP, for example if you recieved a call on the radio.

If your friend tells you in a discord call that they are being held up at legion and you rock up and shoot the guy strait away, you will be breaking the rules.

If you are doing a bank or store robbery with someone outside, you do not notify the police and then they shoot the police, you are both breaking the rules.

Hostages in Robbery Situations
If you are using a hostage in a holdup, robbery or other similar roleplay situation then they cannot be known to you / your friend or part of your group (no staged pre-arranged hostages allowed) - you must roleplay with a stranger. You also cannot take a new player or a 'default danny' (someone still in their EggRP clothes) as hostage.

Chat & Forums

Please do not spam (multiple repeated messages), WRITE IN ALL CAPS or write random jumbled words like "djkfdjfdkf", keep the chat clean

Harassment and bullying of other players will not be tolerated, please be civil and use common sense. We have a zero tolerance for racism and bullying.

Please do not share websites or server addresses for other servers or communities, sharing links to YouTube, Twitch etc are fine as long as you are not prompoting or featuring another server in the content.

No External advantages, modded clients, injectors, menus and exploits

External advantages include things like crosshairs or tools which give you aditional information/advantage over other players.

Any exploits and or major bugs should be reported to the staff team as soon as possible, you should not take advantage of these exploits or they may result in a warning or ban for more serious offences.

Exploting EggRP systems in place (eg bypassing AFK kick with an AFK machine) is also prohibited.

EggRP has implemented a range of anti-cheat detection and prevention software to prevent cheating where possible.

Player and Account Security:

You are responsible for your account, do not use the excuse of or anything like:

  • My account was stolen and I was anti-cheat banned
  • It was my relative
  • My friend had my account

We only allow one player to an account, this prevents the above and keeps your account secure

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