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Server Playtime

Top Players (playtime) on EggRP Servers

We track playtime for all players on the server, you can view the top 25 players with the highest playtime in the table below.

Top playtime #1 Player: Miss Trunchbull

Agetha Trunchbull is a valued member of the community, you will find her in city at Crunchem Hall Elementary School or down at the gym practicing the hammer throw.

Miss Trunchbull drives a purposely faulty car sold to her by a shady car seller named Harry Wormwood which requires constant use of repair kits. Her arch nemesis in city is Matilda, both frequently enjoy a hostile RP together.

1stMiss Trunchbull1337 days 0 hours 0 minsID: 6073d900
2ndJohn Russell186 days 15 hours 39 minsID: 0f420129
3rdKairo Calloway186 days 13 hours 11 minsID: 34f9f27b
4thRay Timson180 days 4 hours 0 minsID: 784740a8
5thJosepha Hafoka173 days 20 hours 33 minsID: 582b156b
6thImogen Jarvis173 days 9 hours 49 minsID: b5b3e6af
7thJosh Lariat160 days 20 hours 9 minsID: a5209162
8thAsher Jackson160 days 16 hours 28 minsID: e2e8cf8c
9thIvan Mullet157 days 21 hours 8 minsID: 81ba8eda
10thDave Carlson157 days 3 hours 48 minsID: 25be8f04
11thXander Cage146 days 11 hours 30 minsID: 8b7a69c8
12thAce Orkland140 days 6 hours 21 minsID: 57717f9c
13thJason Blender140 days 4 hours 15 minsID: 9742233a
14thTyron Jeffers137 days 7 hours 20 minsID: 789116f2
15thRick Jones137 days 0 hours 27 minsID: 92916348
16thTyler Winchester131 days 20 hours 3 minsID: 2832402d
17thEdward Crown127 days 19 hours 54 minsID: 852d515f
18thCrystal Rose127 days 16 hours 47 minsID: 9e5180bb
19thHugh Collins127 days 10 hours 21 minsID: 5c485d71
20thBarry Alan126 days 23 hours 11 minsID: 71429148
21stTom Reid126 days 20 hours 10 minsID: 5bfab1f7
22ndMamoo Murphy124 days 2 hours 43 minsID: e5b31470
23rdRegan Miller123 days 13 hours 37 minsID: 7ea6ef8a
24thJackson Parker123 days 9 hours 2 minsID: 15ce5f40
25thAntonio Delacruz122 days 15 hours 29 minsID: 1ddd3e09

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