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Usage of the /me command

Tips and information on how and when to use the me command in the server

Usage of the /me command

The /me command is to communicate an action your character is doing when its not possible to do this through emotes or other in game mechanics.

For example, you might do a /me message with "sheds a tear" which would communicate to everyone around you that your character is doing this action, this would be because there isn't an emote to shed a tear or have a tear running down your face.

The /me feature is not for talking out of character, talking in charafter, sharing information (excluding injury details to EMS while you are unconcious) or any other use.

Example Allowed Comments
Stares off in to the distance ✔️ This is an action your character is doing
Fumbles in bag for wallet ✔️ This is an action your character is doing
Spits chewing gum out on to the ground ✔️ This is an action your character is doing
Has gunshot wound to the chest area ✔️ If you are unconcious, this is an acceptable way to convey your injuries to responding EMS
Hey can you give me some cash? Not to be used for speaking, you need to use your microphone for communicating, if you are unconcious or dead then you CANNOT communicate
0450 000 000 Not to be used for sharing information including phone numbers, session ID (for bank transfer, etc)
Thinks about what to have for lunch People cannot read your mind, you shouldn't use /me for internal thoughts, this is a form of metagaming
(some shit gang here) ON TOP This is spam and misuse of the me command and will result in punishment
FUCK THE POLICE!! Generally paired while doing /e gangsign" by children, this is spam and misuse of the me command and will result in punishment

Players who misuse the /me command to talk out of character, inappropriately share information or spam will be dealt with in accordance to the server rules

If you are unsure if something is improper use of the command, ask in the Discord for help.

  • Published
    Apr 15, 2022
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