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Troubleshooting - FiveM Folder

How to locate your FiveM folder

Locating your FiveM Folder

Knowing where your FiveM folder is located can be useful when installing shader mods or making changes to configuration files, sometimes you may be asked to upload game logs if you are asking for tech support, these are also in the FiveM folder.

Step 1. Search for FiveM

Press Start and then search for FiveM

Right click the FiveM application and select Open File Location

Step 2. Open the FiveM main folder

In the popup window, right click the highlighted FiveM shortcut and right click, select Open File Location again

Step 3. Open the Application Data

Open the FiveM Application Data folder, this is where all game files and config files are stored

Note: This is not where GTA 5 is installed, to find that location open the CitizenFX.ini file and view the "IVPath" value

Having issues with the above?
Head over to the #tech-support channel in the discord for community support.
  • Published
    Feb 13, 2022
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