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Updates moved to Discord
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Howdy ?

Just a heads up, we're now exclusively posting our updates and announcements to the discord server, to join simply click the below url:

You can find all the details in the #announcements channel
Week 1 - July 2020 Updates
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Hi all,
Another busy week in development, a lot of fixes and new features have been added!
Here is a summary of the changes, and what we are working on

New Moderator
Big welcome to Simon to the EggRP team, Simon has been a big help from the day he joined
he will be a great addition to the staff team, welcome! ?

Drug Missions
- USB's to do drug missions are now single use (can carry 2)
- If you fail to hack the network you now only need to wait 30 minutes
- 2 hours between job...
Jobs: Now Hiring!
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Hey team,

We've been putting in some work to get vehicles in with the proper liveries, working lighting systems and more. We will be opening job apps through the website shortly however in the mean time we have plenty of other non application jobs available too.

What have we been working on?


Victoria Police
We've got some great looking cars with amazing lighting systems (client side visual mods and custom sirens recommended!), we have three classes of vehicles...
EggRP: Coming soon!
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Howdy !

I'm excited because we are getting closer full launch, the server has now been launched in beta mode and is online (non whitelist).

What have we been worked on?

We're going for a role-play server which means we are adding in the usual features like player jobs and various activities to do. Some you have seen before however there are also some new exciting features and things to do in our city.

Bug Fixes and Optimization
Its no secret that modded...

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