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Troubleshooting - Menu Lag

This guide will help you reduce the menu lag on FiveM servers

If you are experiencing menu lag in things like the inventory, cad, clothing store etc you can follow the below guide to fix it.

Note: the below guide only works for NVIDIA GPUs, you may be able to find separate software to limit your FPS per-application for AMD and other GPUs.

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel

Open 'Manage 3D Settings'

  • 1. Click Manage 3D Settings on the left
  • 2. Click on Program Settings
  • 3. Click the Add button

Add the FiveM application

Set an FPS Limit

  • 1. Make sure the FiveM application is selected
  • 2. Click on Max Frame Rate option
  • 3. Click On and then select an approprate FPS

Select the FPS you are running the game at, or your monitor refresh rate. For example if you have a 60hz monitor then select 60 FPS as the limit.

Note: You may have multiple 'FiveM' options in the previous step, you will need to repeat these steps for each of the FiveM applications in the previous list.

Additional Notes

  • 16GB RAM is recomended for FiveM servers
  • If you have less than this amount then consider closing background applications if you experience issues
  • Move FiveM and GTA on to an SSD to improve loading times
  • Ensure your graphics drivers and windows are up to date
  • Consider looking at the FPS Guide as well
  • Published
    Jun 1, 2021
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