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Troubleshooting - FPS Guide

This guide will help you improve your FPS on FiveM servers

If you are experiencing FPS drops or texture loading issues (invisible buildings or roads)

1. Turn off vSync

Graphics > VSync

2. Turn down these advanced settings

Advanced Graphics >

  • Extended Distance Scaling
  • Extended Shadows Distance

3. Adjust Texture Quality and Budget

Graphics >

Try lowering your texture quality and adjusting the Extended Texture Budget option.
Play around with these two settings, if you experience frequent graphics related crashes you may need to turn them down.

Additional Notes

  • 16GB RAM is recomended for FiveM servers
  • If you have less than this amount then consider closing background applications if you experience issues
  • Move FiveM and GTA on to an SSD to improve loading times
  • Ensure your graphics drivers and windows are up to date
  • Keep your vehicles away in the garage when not in use
  • Published
    Nov 3, 2020
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