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Troubleshooting - Discord

Help and troubleshooting steps if you're unable to connect to the server due to not having discord linked to FiveM

Discord linking guide

Make sure discord is not being run in administrator mode

In order to join our FiveM server you will need to have your discord linked to FiveM and be in our discord server.

If you're getting this error when trying to join, you can try the instructions below

Make sure discord is open, when you first launch FiveM you should see the following screen:

If FiveM is already linked to Discord, you will see the following under your discord settings in Settings > Authorised Apps

Troubleshooting guide

Step 1: Make sure Discord is open and then relaunch FiveM, check your Discord window for the below popup

Step 2: Check Authorised Apps in your settings (Settings > Authorised Apps), if you already see FiveM try and click Deauthorise and then Relaunch FiveM

Step 3: Uninstall and then Reinstall the Discord app via the Discord Website

Step 4: You can try and do a fresh install of FiveM via the FiveM Website

Note: If you're still having issues after trying all of the above steps, feel free to post a message in the #tech-support channel in our Discord server for community support
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    Feb 23, 2021
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