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Crews and Groups

Details on Crews and Groups in the server


The Crews and Groups system has been implemented to manage players who wish to engage in hostile or criminal RP together, the system involves monitoring by staff and a discretional perks system to reward groups who contribute quality RP to the city.

We are looking for groups who bring quality RP in to the city to benefit the entire community, crews and groups are not an excuse to go around harrassing other players, causing drama or performing excessive hostile RP.

City Rules

The city rule RP-22 covers crews and groups, in short:

There will be no unauthorised groups, gangs, clubs or crews in the city, all groups and crews will need to be authorized by the staff team through the application system in Discord.

The definition of an crew or group may be defined as, but not limited to:

  • Multiple players (3 or more) conducting hostile RP together including robberies, criminal activity and any hostile RP
  • Multiple players dressing in the same clothing, outfit or common article of clothing (face masks, bandanas, vests, etc)
  • Multiple players with the same last name or a group name

Questions and Answers

Below you will find some common questions and answers around crews and groups, if your question is not answered below or you are unsure about any details, please ask in the Discord.

What is a crew and group?

Crew: A small group of 3-4 players who wish to engage in hostile RP together (including player to player, criminal activity, bank robberies etc) or operate as a small gang or group.

Whitelisted Group: A larger group of 4+ players who wish to engage in hostile RP together (including player to player, criminal activity, bank robberies etc) or operate as a gang, motorcycle club, mafia family.


When do I need to register?

If you are conducting hostile RP with friends including player to player robberies, bank and store robberies or other criminal activity, then you will need to register as a crew.

Crews looking to expand and increase in size (after a minimum time period of 4 weeks) can apply for whitelisting as a group.

Registration is not required for a player run business group, you are permitted to wear the same clothing (uniform) or drive similar cars (business branding) when actively operating as a business, no hostile RP is permitted and the clothing/vehicles should only be used while conducting business.

Players who intentionally try and work around the rules (eg claim to be a business and then operate as a gang/crew by the above definitions) may be subject to punishment for breach of RP-22 and/or blacklisting from future group registration.


What is required?

Both crews and group applications are handled through the Discord ticket system (see #job-center), the leader of the crew/group will open an application ticket and follow the prompts.

The proposed members of your crew or group will be assessed for eligiblity based on their history in the server, prior incidents including warnings or bans may impact their eligibility to be a member in a group.

The leader will be responsible for the group and act as the point of contact between the group and staff team, any issues with the group will be raised through the leader.


What are the perks?

We frequently engage with the groups on feedback and suggestions on the criminal aspect of the server, you will be included in these discussions and your ideas may be used to help shape the direction of this side of the RP.

Whitelisted groups who have been established for some time, have demonstrated good RP contribution to the city and have minimal issues (strikes, cases of not following rules) may be offered additional perks or benefits at staff discretion.

Perks may include access to buildings or facilities for a group club house including adding buildings, group-only vehicles (eg bikes for an MC) or additional avenues of RP such as drug or gun running.

These perks are not granted automatically and there is no fixed eligibility criteria. If you are eligible you will be approached by staff.


How do I get started?

Get your group together including a list of names and UIDs (viewable on the in-game player list) then head over to the #job-center channel in Discord to get started.

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    Dec 29, 2021
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