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Server Bans

View bans, mutes and warnings issued on our server

The last 10 server bans and warnings issued to players for not following the Server Rules can be viewed below

This server is protected by Mortein PowerGuard pest spray.

A total of 17218 pests have been exterminated by the EggRP Mortein Crew to date, that equates to approximately 1435 cans of Mortein spray.

Server Bans (Last 10)

IDIssued onReferenceReasonExpiryUnbanned
172182022-10-06 16:12:02ID: 00ca9a03Fail to follow SafeZone rules (RP-3)2022-10-09 16:12:02No
172172022-10-06 16:11:28ID: 3eb7d51aFail to follow SafeZone rules (RP-3)2022-10-07 16:11:00No
172162022-10-06 14:49:23ID: 8a6c25a9Hostile action within a blue zone/ Excessive Debt: open a discord ticketPermanentNo
172152022-10-06 14:41:23ID: 178e0531VDM/no intent to RPPermanentNo
172142022-10-06 14:33:37ID: 22675d38Logged out to avoid arrest2022-10-07 14:33:37No
172132022-10-06 13:26:14ID: f066f63fFail RP2022-10-07 13:26:14No
172122022-10-06 13:26:00ID: 5b6a6867Fail RP2022-10-07 13:26:00No
172112022-10-05 23:43:36ID: 728d3595RDM2022-10-08 23:43:00No
172102022-10-05 22:46:55ID: a0f49a98Inappropriate Name - Open a ticket in DiscordPermanentNo
172092022-10-05 22:46:11ID: 6c9f24fdUnrealistic Name - Open a ticket in DiscordPermanentNo

Server Warnings (Last 10)

IDIssued onReferenceReason
21982022-10-04 19:07:21ID: 00ca9a03Speaking out of character
21972022-10-04 00:32:52ID: ffe08077Fail RP / GTA Driving
21962022-10-03 20:55:21ID: 3e8d29d6Fail RP / Unrealistic driving
21952022-10-03 18:35:05ID: c70cd760Vehicle Tracker within 15 minutes of Restart
21942022-10-03 15:13:40ID: 78e86415Unrealistic Off Road
21932022-10-03 11:23:51ID: 742016b6Hostile RP in unapproved group / exceeding robbery limits
21922022-10-03 10:38:53ID: 60059c79Hostile RP in unapproved group / exceeding robbery limits
21912022-10-03 10:38:23ID: d0854684Hostile RP in unapproved group / exceeding robbery limits
21902022-10-02 21:40:40ID: 0402ed03Loitering in a Blue Zone
21892022-10-02 21:33:11ID: b43a1632Loitering in a Blue Zone

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