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Server Bans

View bans, mutes and warnings issued on our server

The last 10 server bans and warnings issued to players for not following the Server Rules can be viewed below

This server is protected by Mortein PowerGuard pest spray.

A total of 10916 pests have been permanently exterminated by the EggRP Mortein Crew to date, that equates to approximately 910 cans of Mortein spray.

There have been 6003 instances where players have been naughty and been issued with a temporary ban, an additional 2428 attempts of ban evasion were detected and swiftly terminated.

Server Bans (Last 10, Exl. Alt Accounts)

IDIssued onReferenceReasonExpiryUnbanned
215232023-05-29 23:30:43ID: 818b5268Excessive Debt - Open a ticketPermanentNo
215222023-05-29 23:24:37ID: 3a3260a1VDM2023-05-30 23:24:37No
215212023-05-29 22:16:07ID: dfd27c7bNo RP Intent/Combat LogPermanentNo
215202023-05-29 22:13:43ID: 4dd19cd5CG.3 - Open a discord ticket for a name changePermanentNo
215192023-05-29 20:18:21ID: 5c0a0df6CG-3 Open a ticket to change your namePermanentNo
214762023-05-29 08:31:23ID: b33b319bCombat Log - After Warning2023-06-01 08:31:23No
214752023-05-28 21:43:49ID: 78c06fa7CG1/No IntentPermanentNo
214742023-05-28 21:26:12ID: 5140ee0eAnticheat detectionPermanentNo
214732023-05-28 20:33:21ID: 8857ce65Inappropriate RP name - Open a discord ticketPermanentNo
214722023-05-28 18:56:53ID: 1f7dfd80Excessive Debt - Open a ticketPermanentNo

Server Warnings (Last 10)

IDIssued onReferenceReason
24822023-05-29 22:14:22ID: 818b5268Fail Fear RP
24812023-05-29 22:13:43ID: cfb103c8Fail Fear RP
24802023-05-26 13:21:08ID: 04df23eaFail RP / Powergaming
24792023-05-24 21:34:56ID: 3192aa78Copbaiting
24782023-05-24 21:15:17ID: 01770961Cop baiting
24772023-05-24 21:07:49ID: f3070098Cop baiting
24762023-05-24 20:33:17ID: c8e90ef1Failure to RP injuries
24752023-05-24 20:12:03ID: 991e06b4Copbaiting
24742023-05-24 20:11:57ID: 1af292f7Copbaiting
24702023-05-22 22:06:49ID: bb457850Hostile RP Blue Zone

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