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Server Bans

View bans, mutes and warnings issued on our server

The last 10 server bans and warnings issued to players for not following the Server Rules can be viewed below

This server is protected by Mortein PowerGuard pest spray.

A total of 9724 pests have been permanently exterminated by the EggRP Mortein Crew to date, that equates to approximately 810 cans of Mortein spray.

There have been 5702 instances where players have been naughty and been issued with a temporary ban, an additional 1790 attempts of ban evasion were detected and swiftly terminated.

Server Bans (Last 10, Exl. Alt Accounts)

IDIssued onReferenceReasonExpiryUnbanned
188882023-01-22 17:56:40ID: 839312fbRDM2023-01-23 17:56:40No
188872023-01-22 17:54:59ID: 12c62abcVDM / No intent to RPPermanentNo
188862023-01-22 17:53:59ID: 6797793cVDM2023-01-23 17:53:00No
188852023-01-22 17:47:49ID: 76fc932fCombat Log2023-01-23 17:47:49No
188842023-01-22 17:15:42ID: 39b0a481Anticheat detectionPermanentNo
188822023-01-22 16:48:23ID: 4f7d5b0bCG-3 - Open ticket to change RP namePermanentNo
188792023-01-22 13:05:10ID: df4b7365Fail RP / Unrealistic Offroading2023-01-29 13:05:10No
188782023-01-22 12:57:48ID: 02295ebcVDM / RP-9 / RP-122023-01-23 12:57:48No
188772023-01-22 12:56:39ID: 8e17461aInciting VDM / Lying to staffPermanentNo
188762023-01-21 23:14:59ID: cbfbfd7bAnticheat detectionPermanentNo

Server Warnings (Last 10)

IDIssued onReferenceReason
23282023-01-20 16:59:32ID: 9600b557Failure to RP Injuries
23272023-01-17 21:20:41ID: da6918d1Fail to RP injuries after a crash. (Player report)
23252023-01-16 22:36:47ID: 452494b3Cop Baiting
23242023-01-16 22:31:57ID: 89ecfe68VDM
23212023-01-15 21:20:18ID: c789dcabRed zone rules
23202023-01-14 19:57:56ID: 48bcec0aInappropriate Comments
23172023-01-12 20:11:29ID: ddd71689Speaking while unconscious
23162023-01-08 21:19:32ID: e59edc71Loitering in a Blue Zone
23152023-01-08 21:19:25ID: 8a7032efLoitering in a Blue Zone
23142023-01-08 21:19:12ID: 2d205f61Loitering in a Blue Zone

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