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Server Bans

View bans, mutes and warnings issued on our server

The last 10 server bans and warnings issued to players for not following the Server Rules can be viewed below, please note there is a 72 hour delay before infractions are published to the website

This server is protected by Mortein PowerGuard pest spray.

A total of 12960 pests have been permanently exterminated by the EggRP Mortein Crew to date, that equates to approximately 1080 cans of Mortein spray.

There have been 6286 instances where players have been naughty and been issued with a temporary ban, an additional 2907 attempts of ban evasion were detected and swiftly terminated.

Server Bans (Last 10, Exl. Alt Accounts)

IDIssued onReferenceReasonExpiryUnbanned
244822023-11-27 14:06:20ID: c97cc63eAnticheat detectionPermanentNo
244802023-11-27 00:20:48ID: e2b57a14Power Gaming2023-12-04 00:20:48No
244792023-11-27 00:12:20ID: bbfaeb40No intent to RPPermanentNo
244782023-11-27 00:11:44ID: 1e963ca9No intent to RPPermanentNo
244762023-11-26 22:18:08ID: aa58f088No intent to RPPermanentNo
244752023-11-26 22:16:57ID: 858a21a0No intent to RPPermanentNo
244742023-11-26 16:16:29ID: f58c5b21Anticheat detectionPermanentNo
244732023-11-26 01:05:09ID: 560752b9RDM2023-11-29 01:05:09No
244722023-11-26 00:33:37ID: 264e2b9fNo Intent to RP/RacismPermanentNo
244712023-11-26 00:30:16ID: 095a8371No Intent to RP/RacismPermanentNo

Server Warnings (Last 10)

IDIssued onReferenceReason
27752023-11-27 17:35:29ID: f8466b1fCopbaiting
27742023-11-27 00:30:24ID: 4ea47ab2Combat Log
27732023-11-27 00:27:55ID: f14b4de5Combat Log
27722023-11-27 00:25:40ID: c321da29RP-3
27712023-11-27 00:19:56ID: 2514888cPower Gaming
27702023-11-26 01:36:57ID: c7079f13Failure to RP Injuries
27692023-11-26 01:36:22ID: a8001658Failure to RP Injuries
27682023-11-26 01:33:59ID: f59fec99Failure to RP Injuries
27672023-11-22 16:53:53ID: 0d74659aSuicide RP
27652023-11-20 23:16:54ID: e839087eFail RP

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